Sustainable Homes

We design and build energy efficient homes, all the way through to fully sustainable homes.

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We value the planet

A well designed home can deliver a lifetime of thermal comfort, low energy bills, and low greenhouse gas emissions.  And it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

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Sustainability Can Mean Many Things

Here’s a brief overview of just a few things we consider.

We value choice

50 Shades Of Green

There’s many levels of green and we can find what suits you. Energy efficient homes can still look modern, save you money and help the planet.

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We value helping you

Here’s some ways that we can help you cost effectively design and build a green, energy-efficient home:
  • Providing free home designs ready to use or adapt, saving on design costs.
  • Specifying common construction techniques and materials that are readily available.
  • Achieving a higher energy rating which reduces the need for heating and cooling-a major contributor to your energy bills.
  • Considering good design and construction principles and incorporating the right approach to passive design, materials, insulation, orientation, windows and shading for each climate.
  • Including key questions to help you get started with your architect, designer or builder.
  • Providing floor plans with versatile spaces and a small footprint.
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We value proof

Hard Hat Tours

We invite you to do a ‘hard hat’ tour of a current custom home during the build. Here you can see our quality of workmanship first hand, meet some of the team and discuss ways to ‘green’ your home.

Build with green values

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